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The Akua Classic Pro-Am Flowdown® is a first of its kind Flowboarding competition held at the Whale’s Tale Waterpark in Lincoln, NH, featuring Akua Beach, a Pacific Surf Proflow Double sheet wave surf simulator. Flowboarding is a sport that has been often compared to as a mix of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding and has become a competitive sport around the globe. Both bodyboarders and stand up boarders enjoy the sport.

Several factors make this competition different than any other. In addition to traditional pro and amateur classes, The Akua Classic Flowdown® is the first to offer both Tandem and Strapped competition. The Tandem class allows two riders, each on their own board, to compete as a pair on the same wave simultaneously. In the Strapped event, riders use a board with straps, which allows for greater control and bigger tricks. “This is the first competition for strapped boards on a non-barrel sheet wave, which takes the sport to the next level,” says Mike Pappy, Master Coach and Flowboarder with the Flow Dogs. The third and most unique component of the Akua Classic is the Flowdown®, where winners of each division will compete in The Final Flowdown®. The Flowdown® winner will receive the grand prize of, a 5 Night stay and adventure with the Rincon Surf School & Resort in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Jeb Boyd, from The Whale’s Tale Waterpark says, “While this is our first Flowboard competition, we are confident that the uniqueness of The Akua Classic Flowdown® will gain attention around the world. This great event encourages wholesome free expression, camaraderie, and athleticism in a very cool environment.” Boyd adds, “As riders ourselves, our park fully supports the sport of flowboarding and the spirit that surrounds it.”

Although riders are welcome during any operational day, The Akua Classic event fee covers practice sessions and on-site registration beginning on Saturday, July 7th from 6-9 pm and the competition on Sunday, July 8th with the Final Flowdown® happening Sunday afternoon. Mark your calendars now – registration opens May 1st.